Product of the Month – Fiery Wall of Protection

match litMy friend at the occult shop I visit made a joke, “I’m like a doctor. I only see people when there is something wrong.” And this is precisely how I came to discover Fiery Wall of Protection.

My partner and I currently share a house with another couple. They live upstairs and we live downstairs. All of us share the entrance way. It didn’t take us long to discover that all is not well upstairs. There is a lot of fighting, hostility, and anger. They are not a happy couple.

Since we live directly below them, a lot of this energy would seep through the floors. Protective cat was always on edge. We were always on edge. Even my mother said she was afraid to move in the house when they were home incase they heard her. They were always fighting, often about us, and let me assure you we avoided these people at all costs and have been polite as possible. They have bullied and tried to intimidate us. They even entered out home when no one was here, and a couple of times when someone was. Not kidding. Needless to say, these are not nice people. Anyways, it was after a huge fight upstairs that I finally decided to do something about it. I was advised to use Fiery Wall of Protection and started a weekly ritual with it that you can read here ().

What it is Used For

Obviously, Fiery Wall of Protection is used as protection. It is linked to Archangel Michael and is considered a hot oil, meaning it has a bite to it. It protects but it also throws back. If you cross the line (or fiery ring of protection) you are going to get burned. This is different than Protection oil that simply protects without harming back.

Fiery Wall of Protection can be found as in oil, bath crystal, incense and powder forms. I tend to use the oil for anointing both body and home. If you choose to anoint with the oil, be warned it does burn for a few minutes after putting it on.


For us, the results have been outstanding. It took a few weeks, but all the nonsense from our upstairs neighbours has stopped. We haven’t heard any arguing nor have we had any ‘break-ins’. I started this protection work the end of October, and they even left us a Christmas gift by our front door. Weird. But good.

I still find, however, if we don’t use the oil weekly it gets very heavy in here and hard to concentrate. Plus, Protective cat gets very freaked out.

Why We Love it

There are a couple of very interesting things that have happened connected to the use of this oil. As I was anointing doors and windows (also small mirrors that we have pointed upwards to reflect the negativity back) you could literally see a grey fog lifting out of our house! You could see all the way through our house. It was brighter and bigger. And clear!

The cats calmed down. Both my partner and I were able to think for the first times in months.

But this is what convinced me …. Even if I hadn’t used the Fiery Wall of Protection for a few days, every time the lady from upstairs passed our front door, a strong whiff of FWOP would suddenly appear. It would start a few minutes before she passed and last a few minutes after. I took it to mean the oil kicked up the protection when it was needed.

I now use this oil on myself daily.

I have come to think of Fiery Wall of Protection as the Ring of Fire like the Johnny Cash song. Infact, whenever I say Fiery Wall of Protection, I kind of sing this song. Ring of Fire. Ha ha.

It is by far one of my favorite products, a staple I can’t do without.

I would love to hear other people’s experience with this product.

House Protection Weekly Ritual

CC image courtesy of Emillia113  on Flickr.

CC image courtesy of Emillia113 on Flickr.

This is my once a week protection ritual. It is best to do this on a Sunday or Thursday. I usually do a big clean, wash the floors with Chinese Wash, say prayers as I do it and then start the protection ritual.

With Fiery Wall of Protection make small crosses above all doors and windows saying, “Saint Michael (Archangel Michael) please protect us from all hatred, hostility, gossip, lies, and ill intention. Protect us in all ways. Let no evil pass.” . I prefer anointing with little crosses above, below, both sides of window or door, and in the middle.

Some people also do this on all outlets, vents, etc. Since I can’t get to all my outlets etc., and it would take days to do it, I prefer to burn fiery wall of protection oil or incense while I do it sort of fumigating the room to seal it.

If I am doing a big clean up, I may burn a white candle anointed with an attraction oil behind me as I go. My favorite is Money House Blessing.

This seems to be making our home much better and more peaceful. It even keeps our protective cat calmer. She use to be freaked out all the time but since doing this ritual weekly, she is a happier, calmer, less nervous cat. If I get lazy or miss a few days, the cat is the first to let me know and the moment I do the doors and windows she calms right down again. I am pretty sure it is working.

Cleansing and Protection – The two most important and forgotten pillars of magic

If you are involved in a spiritual practice, no doubt you have come across the idea of Cleansing and Protecting and no doubt someone has tried to beat the importance of these two things into. If you are anything like me, at some point you have rolled your eyes and thought yeah, yeah, yeah … let’s just get to the ‘good’ stuff.

But as we say to children, it is all fun and games till someone needs to lose the evil eyeball. Okay, we might not say exactly that but you get the point. You got to clean. You got to protect. And that is that.

And yes, we have all done it. We have all got to the point where there is a major crisis in our lives or the energy in our homes is so awful that we have wanted to sleep in a ditch rather than go home. It was my own, WTF moment in our house that brought me back to my magical practice. Just as your house and body need to be physically cleaned, you also need to spiritually clean. That agitated, grumpy feeling you can’t shake? Time to clean up.  And if you don’t protect after cleaning, you might as well let some muddy dogs in the backdoor right after you washed the floors. Life is messy. Clean it up.

Daily Ritual – Anointing with Oils to bless, protect and leave evil behind

CC image courtesy of ilovebutter on  Flickr.

CC image courtesy of ilovebutter on Flickr.

I have been working the last few weeks in developing a daily spiritual practice. Life is stressful. Taking time every day to reconnect with Spirit or the Universe is my essential downtime, something I have been neglecting the past year. I find ritual is a way of transmuting the border between the sacred and the profane.

Aside from creating an altar space, photos to come, I have been spending a lot of time in prayer. I have also been been doing an oil blessing in the morning, after my shower. I find doing this in the morning sets the tone for the day. I think anonymous said it best when they said, “Where intention goes, energy flows.”

Here is my morning ritual:

Stand before my altar. Say a prayer of thanks to God and the angels for their love, blessings and protections.

Cast Off Evil – Using just a drop or two of Cast Off Evil oil, I rub the back of my shoulders. I ask the oil and God to remove all evil influences from my life. I ask that I shed my anger, my impatience, my procrastination, and lack of focus.

Next I take a few drops of Crown of Success Oil.

Crown of Success – Using just a few drops of COS oil, I create a little crown on my forehead and then a circle on the crown of my head saying, “Today, may I have success in all that I do.”

Next I take a few drops of Fiery Wall of Protection Oil.

Fiery Wall of Protection – Using just a few drops of FWP oil, I create a little cross on my forehead saying, “May I be protected in all that I do today.”

Just a word of warning, fiery wall of protection has “hot” ingredients and can burn or sting a little. If you have sensitive skin you may wish to use a different formula like protection oil or use a powdered version of fiery wall instead. If you wish to use the fiery wall of protection oil, you can also water it down, so to speak, in a lotion or carrying oil. Personally, I like the little burn. It doesn’t always happen but it makes me feel like negativity is being burned off me. If you choose this root, just stay with it. The pain, if it happens, eases in 10 – 15 minutes.

Since starting this little ritual, I find my life is flowing better. I get way more done, am more focused, and less angry, stressed, and worried. All good things. I am thinking of incorporating Money Stay With me and anointing my hands rubbing upwards into the arms (instead of downwards and out the hands) saying, “may all the money I get stay with me today and bring its friends” but I haven’t started as I am still playing with my word blessing.

Feel free to play with these ideas. They have helped me. Perhaps they will help others as well. Have a blessed and joyous day.