The Magic of Clarity in Love Spells

CC image courtesy of  Mkhall  on  Flickr

CC image courtesy of Mkhall on Flickr

Magic lies in knowing what you want. Focus is key to unlocking the mysteries of life. This also applies to love magic.

If you want to attract a lover, know what it is you want. This doesn’t necessarily mean WHO you want but what traits you are looking for in a partner. Leaving the who and how open, gives the universe lots of room to fulfill your wish.

One of the easiest ways to get clear about what you want is to write it down. Spending a little time reflecting on what you really want makes things happen. This is true of everything in your life but especially true of love magic.

Although this doesn’t seem “magical” the clarity and undivided focus on what you want begins to unlock the possibilities. Universal energy has a direction to flow in and life starts lining up. Coincidences begin to happen and opportunities present themselves. The magic begins to happen.

To Attract a Lover:

If you want to turn this writing into a more powerful spell, add impact to this list of qualities by getting in the magical mood. Take a candlelit bath and emerge from the bath feeling like a God or Goddess. Go to your altar naked and light a pink candle anointed with attraction oil and love drawing plants like rose petals.

Concentrate and focus on the person, take a piece of paper and a pencil or pen and start writing out a list of what it is you want in a partner. Focus clearly and imagine in as great a detail as possible what this person is like and what it feels like to be with them. Allow this feeling, to grow and grow. If you wish, masturbate while imagining this person and smear the paper with your love juices and either set it a flame or take it to a flowing body of water and let it go.

Spell to Attract a Specific Lover

CC image courtesy of T                                he Candid Street on Flickr.

CC image courtesy of T he Candid Street on Flickr.

For this spell, you will need two pink candles. One will represent you and the other will represent your intended target. With a rose thorn, carve your name into the candle you have choose to represent you and carve your target’s name on the candle that will represent them. If you do not have a particular person in mind, then simply write My True Love. This leaves the universe open to answer your request with the person best suited for you.

Next, you should anoint your candle with a specialty oil. The Hoodoo oil Come to Me would be a great. To anoint a candle, go from the middle to the outside; first middle to top and then middle to bottom. You may wish to crunch up some rose petals, jasmine, and/or catnip and roll the candle in these herbs.

Put the candles in candle holders at opposite ends of your altar or special table. Over the course of the spell, they will be moved closer together.

As you light the first candle say, “Blessed be (your name).” As you light the other candle say, “Blessed be (target’s name).” Stare into your flames.

Say, “Goddess of Love and Beauty enter this rite.”

Then say,”By the spirits of love and beauty, (name) and I move closer together. In body and in soul, (name) and I draw closer and closer, as these two flames draw closer and closer to each other.”

Move the candles closer together. Stare at your altar for at least ten minutes. Visualize your lover coming to you from the east, west, north, and south. After an hour, snuff out the candles. Repeat the spell three, seven, or nine nights in a row. Move then closer together every night until the last night, where you allow the candles to touch and burn down together.

Collect the spell materials and take them to a flowing body of water. Toss the remains into the water saying, “Thank you for taking care of this for me.” Walk away and don’t look back.

Daily ritual to attract more love in your life

CC image courtesy of  Cassiopeian  on Flickr .

CC image courtesy of Cassiopeian on Flickr .

Several years ago, I came across this little ritual you can do daily to attract love into your life. It is based on the law of attraction, which is simply what you focus on grows and comes to be in your life.

At sunset, everyday, light a candle and sit looking at the flame with all other light extinguished. A simple white candle or tea light will suffice. Focus on your breathing. Don’t change your breathing just feel it flowing in and out of you.

When you are ready, focus on the base of your spine. Feel the energy and joy locked there. Play with allowing this energy to flow upwards. Let it expand your heart. Feel the energy and joy and love flowing out of you. When you are ready, feel full or had enough, gently smile and kiss your hand. Sit in the energy for a few moments, feeling the love. Then snuff out the candle to be reused the next day.